Ticketing Machine

Ticketing Machine


Display Solution for ticketing machine using paperless transaction


3.5” TFT display from Ortustech

  • Sunlight readable
  • Wide temperature range

Partnered with the  IF412 light sensor, IF412 light sensor will allow you to detect ambient light similar to the human eye, ensuring the display is adjusted according to the ambient brightness. Content displayed will be automatically altered for optimum readability.

To make it robust enough we advise the Optical bonding, features include:

  • Increased vibration and shock resistance
  • Increased Contrast
  • No condensation or fogging
  • Zero contamination (of dust and dirt)
  • Improved heat dissipation (heat can dissipate through the front glass)

The Artista IOT (Rasberry Pi Compute Module) works well with this application, however we are happy to recommend controllers to suit each application


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