Ensuring Precision and Reliability in Medical Technology

The Right Equipment for Critical Applications

In medical settings, the right equipment is not just a necessity, it's a lifeline. At FORTEC United Kingdom, we understand this criticality and are confident that our solutions –ranging from TFT modules to touch interfaces and optical bonding – are the perfect fit for your medical technology requirements.

TFT Displays: Clarity and Precision for Medical Imaging

Medical applications demand accurate imaging, and our TFT display solutions, TFT modules are designed to meet this need. We help you select the right TFT module based on:

  • Brightness: Guarantees excellent visibility under diverse lighting conditions, ensuring that medical professionals can make accurate assessments at any time.
  • Resolution: Provides high-definition images, enabling detailed examinations and diagnostics.
  • Contrast Ratio: Improves image quality with enhanced sharpness and depth, crucial for distinguishing fine details in medical images.

Discover the ideal TFT module for your project here.

Touch Solutions: Enhanced Usability in Critical Environments

For environments where safety and functionality are paramount, our PCAP tuning services ensure:

  • Glove Compatibility: Maintaining functionality while adhering to safety standards.
  • Responsive Touch: Ensuring ease of use in fast-paced medical settings.
Touch Firmware Tuning for Contaminants

Recognising the unique challenges in medical settings, our touch solutions are fine-tuned for:

  • Contaminant Resistance: Specially calibrated to maintain functionality in the presence of contaminants like blood and saline.
  • Reliable Operation: Ensuring that touch interfaces remain responsive and accurate, even in challenging conditions.
Vacubond Optical Bonding: Enhancing Display Robustness

Our Vacubond optical bonding technology takes your medical devices to the next level by:

  • Reducing Light Reflection: Improving optical clarity for better visibility.
  • Creating Mechanical Robustness: Ensuring durability in demanding medical environments.

Learn more about our optical bonding technology here

Optimal EMC Immunity and Long-Term Availability

In the medical field, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and product longevity are critical. Our solutions are designed with these key aspects in mind:

  • Optimal EMC Immunity: Our products are engineered to withstand electromagnetic interference, ensuring reliable performance in complex medical environments.
  • Long-Term Availability: We understand the importance of sustained support and supply in the medical industry. Our products are backed by long-term availability, ensuring continuity and consistency for your medical applications.

Embedded Technology in Healthcare Displays

Embedded technology is a cornerstone of modern medical devices, particularly in enhancing the functionality and integration of digital displays within the healthcare sector:

  • Integrated Computing: Incorporating computer chips and specialised hardware for enhanced control and customisation.
  • Real-Time Interaction: Allowing digital displays to interact seamlessly with other medical devices and hospital systems.
  • Connectivity: Facilitating connections with hospital information systems, electronic medical records, and various software applications.
  • Efficient Patient Care: Simplifying processes for physicians to access, view, and update patient information promptly.
Monitor Solutions: Versatility for Diverse Applications

Our range of high-resolution monitors cater to a wide array of medical applications:

  • Panel Sizes: Ranging from 10.4” to 24”.
  • Platforms: Featuring both ARM and x86 based platforms.
  • IP65 Front Surface: Designed for operating rooms with medical certification.
  • 24/7 Operation: Reliable and robust with touch screen options.

Explore our range of industrial monitors here.

Power Solutions: Safety and Compliance in Medical Power Conversion

Addressing the critical aspect of safety in medical applications, our power solutions comply with:

  • IEC60601-1 3rd/3.1 & IEC60601-1-2 4th Edition: Ensuring patient and operator safety with isolation barriers and earth leakage considerations.
  • Risk Management Principles: Adhering to the latest standards and requirements for medical devices.

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