TFT display provided for award winning portable Dialysis machine

TFT display provided for award winning portable Dialysis machine

NHS patients who suffer with kidney failure will now start to experience a more relaxed experience when connecting themselves to a dialysis machine. Thank you to Quanta Dialysis Technologies for coming up with their portable medical technology breakthrough, the Quanta SC+. 

Quanta Dialysis Technologies based in Alcester, UK have won an award for UK's top engineering innovation of 2022 for their revolutionary portable dialysis machine. The Quanta SC+ enables patients to treat themselves at home and relieves pressure off the NHS.

FORTEC UK supplied the TFT LCD with an optically bonded touchscreen and cover lens, that was manufactured at their site in Germering, Germany.

To improve the design lifecycle, this display was chosen for its industrial characteristics offering long-term availability while maintaining high optical performance for a premium user experience.

The direct dry optical bonding solution, Vacubond, was chosen for its known reliability of zero optical defects and perfect material stability.

The durable cover lens has been manufactured with numerous silkscreen layers to apply a brand identity, retaining market influence, and to label functional touch buttons for ease of use.

The shape of the cover lens is manufactured in such a way that it covers the front surface of the final device, making it easy to clean, this is critical for a medical device.

All the components chosen were optimum grade IC components, designed with EMC in mind and the controller firmware was tuned for optimal touch performance in the specific environments the device will be used in.

Paul Hooper, Sales & Marketing Director at FORTEC UK says “ Our LCD display/touchscreen assembly is the right solution because of its excellent performance and long term availability. Our teams in both the UK & Germany have a wealth of experience in the medical sector and dealing with the challenges it brings. We are happy to be part of such an advanced technology case for the medical profession”

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