Bespoke Solutions from Concept to Production

At FORTEC United Kingdom, we specialise in customising industrial monitors to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our dedicated team of engineers is adept at modifying glass shapes and designs, offering alternative touch solutions, and much more, ensuring your product stands out.

Customisation Services Offered:

  • Hardware Enhancements: We offer high brightness displays, adjustable viewing angles, extended temperature ranges, privacy filters, and a variety of TFT controllers to suit any application.

  • Touch and Glass Options: Our services include multi-touch Projected Capacitive (PCAP) technology, custom-shaped glass, various cut-out options, glass printing with an array of colours and logos, and optical bonding for enhanced durability and performance.

  • Connectivity and Control: Choose from our Prisma series TFT controllers with multiple input options or the Arista smart communication/IoT device for advanced connectivity.

  • Peripherals Integration: We can incorporate smart sensors, cameras, power converters, and embedded components such as CPU, memory, and storage to create a comprehensive solution.

  • Mechanical Customisations: From custom metalwork and case designs to VESA standard compatibility, we ensure your monitor fits perfectly in its intended environment.

  • Cosmetic Enhancements: Personalise your product with paint, logo, and design printing services to match your brand identity.

  • Software and Operating Systems: We offer calibration services for specific colour profiles, custom OS images, preloaded software and drivers, and firmware customisation including ambient light detection and backlight dimming.

  • Assembly and Conformity: Our assembly process includes full product and BOM traceability. We ensure compliance with IP, shock, and CE ratings, and offer a flexible manufacturing system to fit customer-provided parts or utilise our internal processes, like VacuBond®.

  • Long-Term Support: We provide a long-term supply commitment of 5+ years, ensuring the sustainability and reliability of your product.

To begin the customisation process, please fill out our form (click here) with your specific requirements, and we will be in touch. Explore our latest case study to see how we've helped others achieve their vision.




  • High brightness
  • Viewing angles
  • Temperature range
  • Privacy filter

Touch / Glass

  • Multi-touch PCAP
  • Custom shape glass
  • Various cut-out options
  • Glass printing (colours and logos)
  • Optical bonding

TFT Controllers

  • Prisma series - RGB/DVI/HDMI/DP Input
  • Arista - Smart communication / IoT device
  • Embedded SBC



  • Smart sensors
  • Cameras
  • Power converters
  • Embedded - CPU/memory/storage etc.



  • Custom case metalwork
  • Custom mounting hardware
  • VESA standard compatibility 



  • Paint (various colours)
  • Logo and design printing




  • Calibration to meet specific colour profiles
  • Calibrate to render colours more accurately


Operating Systems

  • Customised OS images
  • Preloaded software
  • Preloaded drivers


  • Customised OSD
  • Ambient light detection
  • Dimmed backlight level



  • Full product traceability
  • Full BOM traceability



  • IP ratings
  • Shock ratings
  • CE ratings standard

Flexible manufacturing system

  • Fit customer provided parts
  • Utilise our own internal processes (e.g. VacuBond®)
  • Long term supply of 5+ years

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