We were amongst the first companies to produce distribution level display interface electronics.

We have developed our process continuously since shipping the first units however our core values of quality, continuity and traceability remain a constant.

Our kit solutions include a display and the driving electronics such as AD cards and backlight drivers all in one package.

The use of SAP allows us to allocate every part with a unique part number and track change. This allows us to trace individual components which is critical for Hi-Rel markets.

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The Two Types of LCD/TFT Display Kits


The majority of our displays are configured with a controller card, and internal cable sets.  Each of these combinations are set up as an LCD display kit.  This ensures a single part number can be ordered at any time and our customers can be guaranteed consistency. 

If one of these internal parts changes, the revision of the complete LCD display kit is rolled.


More often than not, our customers require TFT display kits that are slightly different to a standard kit, maybe a different firmware.  In these situations, unique part numbers are created for each customer's TFT display kit, again ensuring that traceability and consistency is guaranteed within each and every one of our TFT display kits.

This could also include the different ways the internal components are handled, i.e. a medical company may require 100% incoming testing rather than batch testing.  A unique part will identify this requirement and ISO procedures ensure the process.

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