Advanced TFT Display Assemblies: Precision and Reliability for Defence Excellence

For defence applications, TFT (Thin-Film Transistor display assemblies must be more than components; they need to be meticulously engineered solutions that meet exacting requirements. At FORTEC UK we understand that precision in non-negotiable, especially in matters of ruggedness, shock resistance, and vibrational tolerance.

Engineered Ruggedness: Standing Firm against Shock & Vibration

We can build our tft display assembly to incorporate shock-resistant and vibration-tolerant components, ensuring that these displays remain resilient in the face of adversity.

Customisation for Precision: Meeting Specific Requirements

We understand that each defence application is unique, demanding displays tailored to precise specifications. Our TFT display assemblies are available in various sizes, ensuring that they can be optimised to meet mission-specific objectives. Whether it's a compact, portable device or a large-scale command centre display, we offer customisation to ensure optimal performance in every scenario.

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Optical Bonding: Enhancing Durability & Visibility

Optical bonding eliminates the air gap between the display panel and the protective layer, virtually eradicating reflections, glare, and distortion. This results in improved clarity and readability in diverse lighting conditions, from glaring sunlight to dimly lit environments.

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Protection from the Elements

Our optical bonding process acts as a barrier, preventing moisture, rain, and other fluids from infiltrating the display assembly. It ensures the display's functionality even in the face of environmental hazards, making it ideal for coastal and maritime defence deployments.

Touchscreen Features: Precision Interaction in Extreme Weather

Defence personnel often operate in extreme weather conditions where the use of gloves is imperative. Our TFT display assemblies incorporate cutting-edge touchscreen technology that enables precise interaction, even when gloves are worn. Whether navigating critical data or inputting commands in the harshest weather, our displays ensure reliable and accurate touch interactions.

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EMI Shielded Displays: To combat electromagnetic interference

We offer EMI shielded displays, which incorporate advanced shielding techniques and materials. This ensures continuous functionality, even in the presence of intense electromagnetic fields. These displays are a critical component for military equipment operating in environments with high levels of electromagnetic interference, safeguarding data integrity and operational safety.

Seamless Integration with Embedded Technology: A Tactical Nexus

Our TFT display assemblies don't stand alone; they are an integral part of defence systems, seamlessly integrated with embedded technology. These embedded systems are engineered to meet and exceed stringent defence standards for shock resistance and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted operation in the harshest environments. This integration empowers real-time data processing, rapid decision-making, and effortless connectivity with other defence systems. One example is the UST510-52B-FL from Axiomtek.

Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS): Precision in Darkness

We can also offer Litemax NVIS, the NVIS capability is achieved by offering displays with an NVIS cap filter on the LED backlight. This innovation enables both day mode (with 50% brightness reduction) and night mode. Currently, our NVIS displays are available in sizes of 8.4”, 15.6”, and 18.5”. However, we also have the flexibility to create displays of other sizes, with a nominal NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) charge. With NVIS technology, our displays are optimised for defence night vision applications, ensuring clarity and precision in the darkest conditions.

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