TFT Display Sensors

Our range of sensors for TFT displays solutions allow you to monitor and adjust levels of ambient light conditions, whilst reducing energy consumption.

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Light & Temperature Senors Information

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IF389 and IF412 Sensors

Both the IF389 and IF412 are compatible with all our Prisma and Artista TFT controllers. The IF389 temperature sensor has been designed to accurately measure the temperature in monitors and other devices. The sensor can be set up to avoid overheating automatically by dimming the screen brightness at high temperatures to lower the temperature and avoid any potential damage. Whilst the IF412 light sensor will allow you to detect ambient light similar to the human eye, ensuring the display is adjusted according to the ambient brightness. Content displayed will be automatically altered for optimum readability.

For a detailed specification on our light and temperature sensors download the datasheet.

 IF442 USB Audio Module

Transform your display into a powerful audio hub with the IF442 USB audio module. Enjoy optimal stereo sound with two speakers delivering an impressive 8W up to 5.3W(RMS)/channel output. This versatile module also provides two mono microphone inputs for added convenience.

Enhance performance by combining it with our specially designed IF443 microphone boards, turning your display into a flexible conference, info, or intercom monitor. With seamless integration via the I2C interface, take control of the output volume using a microcontroller and even a rotary switch.

Upgrade your audio experience today with the IF442 USB audio module.

To download the datasheet click on the link below.


IF442 USB Audio Module (medium-large)


Frozen screen sensor

With the IF444 Frozen Screen Sensor, you can quickly detect malfunctions of your screens without on-site inspection and fix them promptly: For reliable playback of your content.  

The motion sensor checks some pixels of the active screen area for a blinking pattern. In case of missing image signal or defective backlight, a digital, visual or acoustic warning signal is passed on to your PC or SBC system by our Prisma and Artista TFT controllers or the IF445 connectivity board.

Download the datasheet below

if444 frozen screen (large)


Wireless Connectivity

Internal SAP ID: ZU-02-513

With the IF445 Wireless Connectivity Board, you can easily make all settings on your display online via WLAN, for example with your smartphone.  

The IF445 establishes an access point to a web server via which you can, for example, switch the display on or off and change the brightness and contrast. In addition, the IF445 offers:

  • GPIOs for data evaluation
  • an SPI interface
  • an I²C interface for connecting various sensors, e.g. for brightness, temperature or movement.

IF445 wireless sensor (medium-large)


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