Sunlight readable display provided for portable testing device

Sunlight readable display provided for portable testing device

In today’s environment for field engineers, they need electrical equipment to be user friendly, precise, quick, clear viewing, resilient and efficient to deliver data quickly.

When we were approached to find a suitable display for a portable electrical insulation tester. This is what we recommended.


·         Sunlight readable,

·         Mechanically robust

·         Touchscreen water rejection

·         High noise immunity touchscreen

·         Wide operating temperature range

·         High contrast

·         Wide viewing angles

·         Long term availability

Why DT?

Experienced team finding solutions for test and measurement applications with a wide portfolio display and touchscreen components to choose from. In house European optical bonding facility and local inventory for rapid prototyping


Disea TFT panel 5” WVGA High Brightness IPS display

PCAP touchscreen

Custom 1.80mm optically bonded gorilla cover glass

Vacubond OCA bonding process

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