The touch screen sensor glass and TFT LCD are two separate components that talk to each other through the host computer. The normal touch screen fitting process is that the customer will buy the touch glass and the panel as two items and integrate them in-house.

There are a number of problems that can arise when integrating in-house. We can take care of this in our clean room facility.

We take ownership of any damage during assembly

The potential damage to sensor touch glass and / or TFT LCD during assembly.

FORTEC UK Ltd has many years of experience in touch screen installation and fitting tens of thousands of touchscreen and also takes on this risk.

We take ownership of the positioning

The misalignment of the sensor touch glass and TFT LCD during the assembly process and the need to disassemble / reassemble. There is a high risk chance of damage to either component.

FORTEC UK Ltd will also take on this risk, using years of experience in touch screen installation and fitting.

We have the correct equipment

Without the appropriate equipment / machinery there is a high chance of contamination within the gap between touch sensor and TFT LCD.

FORTEC UK Ltd has flow cabinets and a clean room facility in order to avoid contamination and dust particles.

Easier after-sales support

If there are warranty failures of the key components it would be expected by the supplier to disassemble before retuning against an RMA.

FORTEC UK Ltd would supply the unit as ONE assembled part, therefore if there is a failure we would take the whole unit back and repair the faulty part or replace under warranty.

Touch Screen Fitting (large)

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FORTEC UK options for touch screen fitting

Strip Bonding

This is where strips of double sided gasket are placed on the bezel of the display forming a frame.  The touch screen is then aligned in the correct position on the display to form the final assembly ensuring an easy to integrate product for the customer.

Depending on the application and budget, we can either use roll gasket which is applied in straight strips with a join on the corners.  Alternative for the high end requirement, we are able to die-cut a double sided sheet gasket which allows for a seam free border.

Other Bonding

We have also gained a wealth of experience in glass and filters, we have bonded both ITO and EMC mesh filter glass.

We are able to recommend and give direction on type of glass from Gorilla (Xensation) glass, different thickness of glass, toughening through thermal or chemical treatment, surface treatments (AG / AR), and printing (organic / ceramic)

Vacubond Explode (medium)

Optical Bonding

Optical Bonding is the process of applying a silicone layer between the TFT LCD and the touch glass eliminating the void, this enhances daylight readability, increases ruggedness and avoids ‘fogging’.

Unlike the majority of display distributors, FORTEC UK Ltd have set up an optical bonding clean room facility in our Munich headquarters and our USA facility.

Having these facilities allows us to control the quality, reduce expensive freight cost from the Far East and allows for rapid prototyping.

The optical bonding facility will also undertake projects where either the display or touch (or both) is free issued.


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