At FORTEC UK, we're at the forefront of leveraging the transformative power of Industry 4.0 to revolutionise manufacturing processes. Our expertise in integrating advanced technologies enables machines, sensors, and devices to communicate seamlessly, providing real-time data from numerous critical points across operations. This evolution in manufacturing technology allows factories to reach new heights of automation, efficiency, and productivity.

Moreover, FORTEC UK empowers senior management and business owners with the capability to instantly access performance, output yield, and quality data, moving beyond the traditional reliance on next-day production reports. This immediate insight into operations facilitates rapid troubleshooting and preventative maintenance, significantly reducing costly downtime. It also optimises performance, maximises output yield, and enhances quality, all while streamlining the time spent on data analysis in meetings.

FORTEC UK's comprehensive range of products, including displays, embedded computing solutions, monitors, components, and power solutions, are meticulously designed to support the pivotal transition towards Industry 4.0, particularly within the realm of Industrial IoT. Our offerings are embedded with key features essential for the seamless integration and operation of smart manufacturing environments. Here's how these features are relevant and why they are crucial for Industry 4.0 applications:

Displays and Monitors

Interoperability & Real-Time Data Processing: Our displays and monitors are built to facilitate interoperability with various devices and systems, displaying real-time data crucial for monitoring and decision-making processes in Industry 4.0 environments. This enables operators to instantly visualise performance metrics and operational statuses, enhancing responsiveness to changes or anomalies.

User-Centric Design: With a focus on user-centric design, our displays offer intuitive interfaces that simplify the interaction between humans and machines, making complex industrial processes more accessible and manageable.

Embedded Computing

Advanced Analytics & Edge Computing: Embedded computing solutions are at the core of processing and analysing data directly at the source. This capability is vital for predictive maintenance, quality control, and optimising production processes, ensuring minimal latency and maximized efficiency.

Cybersecurity: As the backbone of Industry 4.0, our embedded systems are fortified with robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard critical industrial data, ensuring secure operations within the Industrial IoT framework.

Power Solutions

Energy Efficiency: Our power solutions are engineered for maximum energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and supporting sustainable manufacturing practices. This is increasingly important in Industry 4.0, where energy management plays a critical role in optimising resource use and minimising environmental impact.

Digital-Controlled Power Supplies: Featuring digital interfacing options like PMBus and UART, our power supplies offer unprecedented control over power parameters. This digital control facilitates remote monitoring and adjustments, crucial for maintaining optimal performance and preventing downtime in automated manufacturing environments.


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