Display Technology Boosts Support for Uniquely Durable Litemax Displays

Published: 6 January 2020

Display Technology Boosts Support for Uniquely Durable  Litemax Displays

Display Technology Ltd is to provide extra support for supply partner Litemax during Integrated Systems Europe at RAI Amsterdam, February 11-14, as Litemax celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2020.

Known for high brightness, which ensures excellent sunlight readability, Litemax displays are the longest-lasting on the market. Their calculated MTBF of up to 100,000 hours equates to more than 11 years in continuous operation. While standard commercial displays typically have MTBF of 30-50,000 hours, Litemax displays can more than double the lifetime of users’ products.

“Applications such as digital signage, industrial HMI and transportation place particularly high demands on displays, in terms of reliability, readability, and large or unusual dimensions,” said Cheng Yoe, Director, Display Technology Ltd. “Litemax is the only brand that can meet all of those requirements simultaneously.”

Moreover, Litemax is the longest running manufacture of resized LCDs as the original patent holder of the technology behind the process. This gives them the most experience in the field which is complimented by the broadest range of resized LCD displays as part of their Spanpixel range.

Spanpixel is especially robust for passenger information systems ambient advertising on-board trains and buses where a wide and shallow display is required to meet EN 50155 certification for railway applications.

Spanpixel also enables Display Technology design teams to deliver an extra level of creativity in digital signage, including squared-screen models in various sizes. With high ingress-protection (IP) and impact-resistance (IK) ratings, as well as brightness up to 4000 nits, these displays are the first choice for outdoor deployments. Up to 4K resolution, screen sizes up to 75 inches, and ultra-narrow bezels as thin as 3.8mm ensure great viewing experiences from close-up or at longer distances. 

For the rigours of today’s industrial settings, where penetration of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is driving demand for extra human-machine interface solutions everywhere, Display Technology can choose from the Litemax Durapixel family. Created to meet the specific needs of industrial users, including wide viewing angles and wide operating-temperature range, they also come with guaranteed supply longevity. Displays are available in a wide range of sizes and up to full HD resolution.

In addition, Spanpixel and Durapixel displays feature Hi-Tni (nematic-to-isotropic transition temperature) that prevents darkening of the display through exposure to elevated ambient temperatures, such as when operated in direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

Three representatives from Display Technology will be present during ISE 2020 in Amsterdam. Visitors can visit booth 8-G490 to discuss the strengths of the displays and Display Technology’ value-added product-selection and design services.

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