Elevating Instrumentation Excellence: A Technical Comparison of Ultravolt US Series and Cincon CFM Power Supplies by FORTEC UK

Published: 15 April 2024

Elevating Instrumentation Excellence: A Technical Comparison of Ultravolt US Series and Cincon CFM Power Supplies by FORTEC UK

In the realm of precision instrumentation, where every detail counts, the choice of the right power supply is critical. At FORTEC UK, a leading provider of cutting-edge electronic components, we're committed to exploring top-tier solutions. Today, we delve into the technical nuances of three standout options: the Ultravolt US Series High Voltage 0.1W DC/DC Converter or "High Voltage 100mW DC/DC Converter, and the Cincon CFM series and Cosel BRDS series. Join us as we uncover how these solutions elevate instrumentation performance.

Ultravolt US Series: Precision Redefined in High Voltage DC/DC Conversion

At FORTEC UK, our commitment to precision engineering finds resonance in the Ultravolt US Series. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of high voltage DC/DC conversion, this series sets a new standard with its low ripple output and tight load regulation.

Low Ripple Output: The Ultravolt US Series boasts a remarkable low ripple output, ensuring pristine voltage delivery crucial for precision instrumentation tasks. By mitigating ripple voltage, this series guarantees signal integrity, minimising noise interference, and enabling accurate measurements—an indispensable feature that aligns seamlessly with FORTEC UK's dedication to precision engineering.

Tight Load Regulation: Consistent performance across varying load conditions is imperative in instrumentation applications. The Ultravolt US Series excels in this aspect with its tight load regulation, maintaining stable output voltage regardless of load fluctuations. This reliability ensures uninterrupted operation and consistent results—a hallmark of FORTEC UK's commitment to exceeding industry standards.

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Cincon CFM Series: EMC, Efficiency and Active PFC in a compact package

FORTEC UK recognises the imperative of efficiency and sustainability, epitomised by the Cincon CFM series. This solution has excellent EMC performance, and is ideal for sensitive applications in the instrumentation industry. It also offers high efficiency and active power factor correction (PFC) to optimise energy utilisation and minimise environmental impact.

High Efficiency: Efficiency is synonymous with excellence at FORTEC UK. The Cincon CFM series’ high efficiency minimises energy wastage, reduces operational costs, and prolongs component lifespan—reflecting our commitment to delivering sustainable solutions that drive performance and innovation.

Active Power Factor Correction (PFC): Active PFC is integral to enhancing power quality and efficiency—an ideology aligned with FORTEC UK's commitment to excellence. By incorporating active PFC technology, the Cincon CFM series optimises energy utilisation, reduces harmonic distortion, and ensures reliable operation—an embodiment of our mission to empower clientele with solutions that redefine industry standards.

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Empowering Precision: Cosel BRDS

The Cosel BRDS is a non-isolated DC/DC converter designed for PoL (Point of Load) Systems, embodying FORTEC UK's commitment to performance and reliability. This innovative solution features a fast transient response and digital communications via PMBus, facilitating programming and monitoring. With a wide input range compatible with standard 5V, 9V, and 12V systems, the BRDS series ensures versatility in various applications. Moreover, its constant current function enables operation in both constant current and constant voltage modes, enhancing measurement accuracy and suitability for battery charging and LED applications. Additionally, the Cosel BRDS holds UL approvals, affirming its adherence to stringent quality and safety standards, reinforcing FORTEC UK's dedication to customer satisfaction.

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