Prestigious motorbike Museum comes to a devastating end that could have been avoided by using a fireproof monitor

Published: 3 February 2021

Prestigious motorbike Museum comes to a devastating end that could have been avoided by using a fireproof monitor

It has emerged a presentation monitor started a fire in a well-known motorcycle museum in Austria ‘Top Mountain Cross Point’ last month. Sadly, destroying a large part of history and vintage motorcycles. The museum housed over 230 models including exclusive brand names such as Indian and Brough.

To avoid the devastating consequences consumer monitors can cause, we recommend the BLO (Blaze Load Optimised) range we offer.

We identified this potential risk several years ago and set about developing a range of fire protection monitors which are now established in the marketplace.

In cooperation with fire protection experts and officers, monitors have been created that cannot cause fires themselves and do not burn in the event of a fire in buildings.

The BLO range of fire load and smoke gas optimised monitors certified to DIN EN13501-1 increase the safety of people’s lives, buildings and inventory.

What makes the BLO monitors so much safer?

Our BLO-Line monitors have been successfully tested and approved in fire protection class A1-s1, d0 and enable installation in escape and rescue routes. A variety of measures to make the monitors as secure as possible.

Materials are used that have a low fire load and do not contribute to a fire that has developed outside the monitor. The special construction leaves hardly any free space inside the monitor for air that would support a fire. In addition, the monitor has a thermal fuse that automatically disconnects the monitor from the electricity in the event of extreme heat. An integrated extinguishing capsule is also available as a further optional safeguard, which is triggered in the event of a fire inside the monitor and suffocates a flare-up.

The BLO-Line monitors are available in sizes from 24" to 65", up to 55" also with an integrated PCAP touch. The installation is possible in portrait or landscape orientation and do not require any additional fire protection housings. The BLO-Line monitors are offered with various integrated controls from a simple video card (PME) to an IoT solution with a Raspberry Compute module and a PC version with an Atom board from Intel. The monitors must be mounted flush with the wall, but we also offer a version with a cable duct connection in case the connections cannot be placed directly behind the monitor. The extinguishing capsule mentioned above is optionally available for all BLO-Line monitors.

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