Going the Extra Mile for Transportation applications: Zytronic's IR-Reduction Film & UV Film

Published: 25 October 2023

Going the Extra Mile for Transportation applications: Zytronic's IR-Reduction Film & UV Film

In the realm of touchscreen technology, Zytronic consistently stands as a beacon of innovation. As one of our trusted touchscreen partners, we closely collaborate with Zytronic to offer our customers the latest solutions. Among Zytronic's impressive arsenal of products, the IR-Reduction Film and UV film stands out as a testament to their unwavering dedication to excellence. This robust, optically clear, and hard-coated polyester filter has rapidly emerged as an indispensable asset for optimising thermal management and cooling in touch-sensitive applications, particularly within the demanding world of the transportation industry.

Empowering Outdoor Applications

At its core, Zytronic's IR-Reduction and UV film serves as a pivotal enhancement for their acclaimed PCT™ and MPCT™ glass touch sensors. These award-winning, patented technologies have already revolutionised the way we interact with displays, and the IR-Reduction Film takes this innovation a step further by addressing a critical challenge – the transmission of Infra-Red (IR) energy through the touch sensor.

One of the most remarkable attributes of both film is its impressive ability to significantly reduce the passage of IR energy. This not only elevates the touchscreen's performance but also provides a powerful tool for managing thermal issues across a wide spectrum of demanding environments. This attribute is particularly invaluable for touchscreen systems designed for outdoor use, those exposed to direct sunlight, or applications subjected to high ambient external temperatures.

Key Specifications:

  • Total Film Thickness: 127μm ± 10.0% (125μm PET base film with approximately 2μm of IR coating)
  • Total Light Transmittance: Over 81.0%
  • Haze: Less than 1.5%
  • Spectral Transmittance:
    • Less than 80.0% at 1000nm
    • Less than 55.0% at 1500nm
    • Less than 25.0% at 2000nm
  • Scratch Resistance: Hard Coat H.
  • Approvals: RoHS compliant, CE, FCC & UL approved

These specifications are a testament to the film's remarkable ability to reduce IR energy transmission while maintaining superb optical clarity, minimal haze, and robust scratch resistance. This unique blend of features positions it as the ideal choice for demanding applications where both performance and durability are paramount.

Quality Assurance

Furthermore, the IR-Reduction Film comes with a standard warranty, providing our customers with peace of mind. Zytronic's commitment to quality is underscored by their exhaustive testing procedures. For example, the UV film undergoes comprehensive environmental testing, including humidity and temperature cycling tests, all of which it passes with flying colors.

Environmental Testing Procedure based on the UV film

Humidity Cycle

  • Temperature: Rapidly ramped to 70°C
  • Humidity: Rapidly ramped to 95%
  • Held at these values for 382 hours

Temperature Cycle

  • Temperature: Rapidly ramped to 20°C, controlled ramp at 2°C/min to 85°C, held for 2 hours. Controlled ramp at -2°C/min to -55°C, held for 2 hours. Controlled ramp at 2°C/min back to 20°C.
  • This cycle is repeated 53 times, resulting in a total test duration of 335 hours and 40 minutes.

In a world where touchscreen technology continually advances, Zytronic's IR-Reduction and UV film sets a new standard for excellence. Here at FORTEC UK, we are always committed to bringing our customers innovative solutions to overcome challenges related to high operating temperatures and exposure to excessive sunlight. Zytronic's IR-Reduction Film is a testament to our joint commitment to enhancing touchscreen performance, durability, and reliability, especially in the demanding outdoor applications of today's dynamic world.

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