We know that more than ever it is important not only to offer a component but to also offer the kitting and support around it.  We feel this is increasingly critical for embedded electronics. 

Supplying a full kit can solve a number of issues, which are often encountered if sourcing through different suppliers.

Some of the benefits include:

  • It reduces vendors; one single point of contact, a single order, a single payment, one delivery, one point of order progress, reduced margin stack
  • There is no ambiguity if there is an issue pre or post development.  By supplying a kit, it is our job to ensure that we supply a quality and consistent solution.  If something changes, we manage the ongoing compatibility
  • One point of contact for technical support, there is no question with who ‘owns’ the integration problem

We have many years of experience with full board level design engineers to support the ongoing developments, and common kitting solutions will include:

  • Full customisation of the motherboard, or design/ development / production of carrier boards for COM solutions
  • ISO controlled cable design for sampling and production
  • BIOS set up to ensure the timings match the display
  • Complete solutions, including standard / bespoke open frame chassis, finished monitor and panel PC’s
  • BOX PC’s where a PC/ Player is not required to be integrated directly with a display
  • Pre-installing of the customers image under NDA

For more information on our Kit Solutions with Embedded SBC please contact us today on 01480 411600 to see how we can help you find the perfect display solution.

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