Custom designed DC/DC Converters designed for Railway

Autronic, based in Sachsenheim (Germany) have years of experience working with clients on ongoing and new projects to design and manufacture DC/DC power supplies to suit a range of railway applications.

With the custom-design, each unit to the client’s specifications meaning that every converter is ideally suited for the intricacies of your application. The company has developed a robust development structure, has the resources and experience to provide future proof technologies.

This results in a quality product which is both reliable and rugged, able to withstand even the most extreme operating conditions. All of their converters meet key railway standards including EN 50155, and are able to operate from a wide range of input voltages.

Plug and play DC/DC converters for railway applications.

There are 28 models to choose from and power options ranging from 3W up to 350W, in a variety of packages. All offer high efficiency, ultra-wide input range, wide operating temperature range and all offer a hold up time of >10ms or >20ms as standard.

Nearly all DC to DC converters from Autronic are fully filtered, and require no further filtering on the input or output. Additionally, we offer custom-mod solutions if you have more demanding applications, or higher power rating requirements.

Autronic hfc 3wo for black box (medium-large)


Customised rail power solutions

Rail power solutions are becoming finely tuned, to make sure you get the most efficient, reliable and sustainable power for your operation.

We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to powering rail operations. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions through Autronic that can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Ultra wide temperature range
  • Minimum of 10ms hold up time
  • Without disruption

Case studies

  • Black box
  • Air conditioning

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Customised DC/DC converter solutions

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Autronic customised v2 (large)

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