Industrial Media Player for Full-HD Video with Raspberry Pi Computer Module 3

We have now developed the full HD capable network player VideoPoster-IV. This is based on our base board solution with embedded raspberry core and can play MPEG files from an SD card. Videos can be added by Ethernet or USB.

Advantages of the VideoPoster-IV:

  • Based on Artista-IoT platform
  • Easy integration into the WIN- and Linux-World
  • Function compatible to VideoPoster-III
  • VideoPoster-IV standard kit available
  • Top  -20 to +80°C
  • Power consumption approx. 3W
  • 3GB internal memory
  • One serial and 3 USB interfaces
  • Auto-start at power on
  • Motion detector, pushbutton, etc.connectivity via the ArtistaIO board
  • Update with Push- (ACC) or Pull-Technology (ftp server access)
  • WLAN capable
  • Mixed playlists consisting of still images (JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc.) and videos
  • Playlists and videos in landscape- and portrait mode
  • Quick implementation of customised solutions on a project basis
  • Latest firmware now supports PI WIFI connection


Please note: VideoPoster-IV network players are only available in connection with a TFT display as the control cards and controller boards for TFT displays have to be adjusted or configured to the TFT display. 

We also supply the VideoPoster-IV as a monitor solution, please visit our POS-Line monitor pages.

videoposterIV (medium-large)


  • WLAN-Module
  • ArtistaIO Board for external control of VideoPoster-IV with buttons e.g. choice of different content (image, slide show, video)

ArtistaIO Board (thumb)

  • Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi USB Adapter: As soon as the adapter is plugged into the USB port, the media player can easily be connected to Wi-Fi via the web interface. 

News Image VideoPoster-IV Wi-Fi Extender (thumb)


For a quick and easy integration of our VideoPoster-IV we have developed specially adapted software:

  • Artista Device Finder (ADF):for a quick configuration of VideoPoster-IV
  • Artista Control Center (ACC): cost-free, network-compatible content software for an easy operation of VideoPoster-IV
  • HTTP Control Demo: software for easy integration in existing content management systems (CMS).

VideoPoster-IV Datasheet

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