Display Screen Solution for London Tube Stations

Display Screen Solution for London Tube Stations

London's tube stations are renowned for their bustling atmosphere and high passenger traffic. These stations serve as critical transportation hubs, accommodating millions of commuters and visitors daily. With such a significant volume of people, prioritising fire safety and prevention measures becomes of utmost importance. AJ Wells, a prominent rail environment solutions provider, approached us with a clear recognition of the necessity for fire-rated display screens suitable for installation in these busy environments.

AJ Wells approached us after receiving a tender that specified the need for a display screen that strictly adhered to stringent fire safety standards required for installation within a rail environment. The project presented a tight timeframe due to the impending go-live date set by the end customer. Understanding the significance of fire safety in the bustling London tube stations, where numerous commuters and visitors pass through each day, we were well-equipped to provide a suitable solution. Consequently, we proposed the installation of our 55" BLO Monitor, perfectly aligned with AJ Wells' requirements.

The BLO 55" monitor, part of our BLO A1 monitor range, is specifically designed and certified to meet fire standard EN-13501. Its fully HD display ensures clear and crisp visuals, facilitating effective communication with passengers and commuters. Equipped with an onboard PC featuring an Intel Core i5 processor, Intel HD Graphics GT series, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and 120GB M.2 SATA storage, the monitor delivers robust performance for running various applications in rail environments. Its fan less design mitigates the risk of dust accumulation and debris ingress, ensuring uninterrupted functionality amid the constant movement of people within the tube stations.

Each unit of the BLO 55" monitor holds an A1 EN13501 fire rating certificate, ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations and enhancing the overall safety of the tube station environment. The monitor's PCAP touchscreen provides a user-friendly interface for interactive experiences, with the flexibility to disable touchscreen functionality when required. To simplify installation for AJ Wells' technicians, we provided comprehensive mounting drawings and technical documentation packs.

The successful installation of the BLO 55" monitor met AJ Wells' requirements and exceeded the end customer's expectations. Seamlessly integrated into the busy tube stations, the display screens provide clear and engaging information to passengers. We understand the critical importance of fire prevention in such environments. Although fire-rated monitors may not have specific industry specifications, we subjected our BLO range to rigorous testing, ensuring compliance with industry standards for construction materials. Our commitment to quality and safety enables us to deliver reliable solutions that contribute to the overall fire safety of London's bustling tube stations, meeting the unique needs of our clients like AJ Wells.

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