Enabling Innovation in the Manufacturing Industry

Enabling Innovation in the Manufacturing Industry

In the dynamic landscape of the food manufacturing industry, operational efficiency and adherence to stringent hygiene standards are paramount. As this industry evolves, the demand for advanced control and display solutions has become increasingly vital. A critical challenge faced by food manufacturers is the requirement for display touch monitors that can withstand the harsh conditions prevalent in food processing environments.

To address this challenge and maintain safety and hygiene in food factories, display touch monitors must be resilient to factors like water exposure, chemical splashes, and extreme temperatures. The risk of broken or damaged screens contaminating the production process necessitates solutions that prioritise both reliability and safety.

Collaboration with Harford Control and Zytronic: A Unique Approach:

When FORTEC UK was approached by Harford Control, renowned for manufacturing versatile stainless steel touch screen terminals enabling direct data capture from connected devices and reducing human error, we recognised the significance of this project. Harford Control's terminals were well-suited for the food industry, streamlining workflows, ensuring data accuracy, and complying with food safety standards.

In collaboration with Zytronic, the leading touch sensor technology company, who can configure their unique PCAP (Projected Capacitive) sensing technologies in a myriad of material configurations, we embarked on a journey to develop a unique touch screen solution tailored for the food industry's specific requirements.

The Solution Supplied:

To meet the challenges posed by food processing environments, Display Technology and Zytronic supplied the following components:

  1. AUO 15” Panel with 15" ZYTRONIC PCAP  Touch Sensor: The AUO 15” panel provided clear visuals and excellent brightness, while Zytronic's PCAP touch sensor, laminated with 0.75mm polycarbonate, ensured resilience and durability in the face of harsh conditions.
  2. Embedded - ASROCK SBC-210N: Paired with custom gold plated LVDS (Low-Voltage Differential Signaling) and LED cables, the ASROCK SBC-210N provided a reliable and efficient solution for driving the LCD display.


The collaboration with Harford Control and Zytronic resulted in a cutting-edge touch screen solution for the food industry:

  • Resilience: The PCAP touch sensor's polycarbonate overlay provided enhanced durability, preventing any glass contamination or substrate fallout in the event of screen damage.
  • Hygiene and Safety: The stainless-steel touch screen terminals offered by Harford Control, paired with Zytronic's PCAP touch sensor, facilitated easy cleaning and maintenance, complying with stringent food safety standards.
  • Data Accuracy: The direct data capture capability of Harford Control's terminals, combined with reliable touch input from Zytronic's touch sensor, minimised human error during data entry and ensured precise information recording.


FORTEC UK  collaborative approach with Harford Control and Zytronic delivered a unique and robust touch screen solution that empowers the food manufacturing industry. This innovative solution, leveraging UK design excellence, enhances operational efficiency, minimises contamination risks, and fosters a safer and more reliable food production process. The collaboration showcases the power of synergy and expertise in delivering solutions that redefine safety and reliability standards in the food industry.


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