The rail industry has its own unique set of challenges, requiring innovative solutions to stay relevant in the transport industry. However, it may be our best opportunity in tackling the effects of climate change for the transport sector.

  1. Key Statistics

  2. Modernisation

  3. Increased Efficiency

  4. Improved Safety

  5. Sustainability

  6. Increased Capacity

  7. Better Infrastructure

  8. Improved Customer Experience

  9. Advanced Technologies

  10. Experts opinions


8 Innovation Trends Effecting The UK Railway Industry (medium)

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"It's important to understand how the workforce is going to look in the future"




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"We need our railways to remain relevant in a changing world, and keeping them part of a transport system in the country is really key"



Trains, especially electric trains provide some of the best carbon emission rates per kilometre travelling. If they are further utilised, they provide even better rates and the ticket costs go down as the cost of infrastructure is spread across more people. This also offers employment opportunities for people from all walks of life.

Railways adhere to a schedule and are not held up by traffic in the same way that public roads are, this makes them reliable. It is also a safe form of transport, the chances of accidents and failures are relatively low compared to other forms of transport. With the driver shortages and restrictions, rail freight is becoming a more attractive option and the transit times are comparable with road for longer distances.  

However, all these great characteristics do directly improve the passenger experience and customers still opt for other forms of transport. With the modern world evolving ever faster, innovation is required to attract and keep passengers on trains.  




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"If you look at power supply units that were built 10 to 15 years ago, it is possible today to achieve almost twice the performance on the same size of these PSUs without going to the physical limits.”




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